It is All In The Delivery

It is all in the delivery

This is an unplanned blog, one born out of a beautiful moment shared with my son. A moment we shared on our usual evening chat while my daughter, my youngest, was being put into bed.

The evenings usually involve some snuggly reading followed by being subjected to a rather select choice of football ‘You Tube’ clips. Being a rather talented young ‘footballer’, this usually entails 101 Keeps Part 1 and 2. However, this evening, quite accidentally, we watched ‘No Laugh Challenge’ with Ian Wright and Alan Shearer.

The basic premise is, you must face your partner and tell them a joke; they must try not to break; by that I mean bear anything that resembles joviality!

There were three particular jokes which elicited a blank look from the boy.

  1. What did the buffalo say when his son went to college – by son (Bison)
  2. What happened when the cheese factory exploded – they were left with debris (brie)
  3. My son asked me to stop signing Oasis songs … I said maybeeee (My favourite)

As we proceeded to watch, what followed was lots of questions. What is a Bison? Who are Oasis? What is Brie?

This was the lightbulb moment! The three jokes had elicited questions from the little man and in answering these I took him on a musically inspired global tour, all washed down (as any good after party is) with cheese and crackers.

Alexa play Oasis ‘Live Forever’. As soon as the opening lyric kicked in, ‘Maybeeee I don’t really wanna how your garden grows’ he got it- the light bulb- ah maybeeee I get it !

We then proceeded to look at Brie and debris and the same penny drop moment and again with Bison and Buffalo. In fact, this was a far more fascinating conversation about continents and species found on these continents! I am sure @markenser would have been proud I was pedalling the Geography!

So the learning for me. Well from tomorrow I will tell a joke a day. Share a moment of joviality while bringing some cultural capital and exploring vocabulary all while smiling.



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